darksiren's domaine [reconstruction]

Hello world,

I am reviving this website in part to take my narrative back from those who would build assumptions about me out of the crumbs of my online presence. The Dark Siren is an online persona I created in my college years (when I was an avid console gamer and fan fiction writer) that carried me through some very dark periods of my life. I have had that name and this domain since the early 2000s and I intended to keep it indefinitely.

Recent negative exposure has inclined me to distance myself from my old persona. I thought for a while to erase it entirely, to give up the domain and and the history it represents. But I believe names hold power--not in the magical sense, though some may interpret it that way, but in their power to represent identities and ideas. To abscond a name that has such meaning to me out of fear is the same as sacrificing a part of myself to that fear.

I must be careful, but I will not disappear, and I will not pretend I have nothing to say in order to save myself. While the Dark Siren only represents one aspect of me, she is an important one: the darkness from which my self-loathing and compassion, my desires and creativity have sprung. My writing under that name is a stylized view into my personal thoughts and feelings about the world, about the joys and struggles of existence.

Currently, I am in the process of rebuilding my blog site. It will be fairly bare-bones and have little if any option for interaction. For now I prefer that this project of mine be a one-way window, so to speak. That may change, with some time and experimentation.

Dark Siren Scylla
August 10, 2016